How To Properly Wash Activewear Leggings

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The stretchable pants or activewear leggings have moved out of the yoga studio and entered into our daily routine. People who find these leggings comfortable to wear may be the happiest to welcome these athleisure wear on daily basis.

Most of us fall under the same category. A survey was conducted by where it was found that 55 % of 2,000 women in the united states wear the same leggings for 3 or more times per week. Moreover, 63 % of these women say that their leggings don’t hold up for over a year. This is seriously disappointing because these leggings are from several brands that cost too high.

What are the reasons behind the short durability of these activewear leggings? Our in-effective washing techniques are responsible behind this such as dry-cleaning, using cloth softeners, dryer sheets, and bleaching. All these are the in-appropriate methods to wash the workout leggings.

When we workout in leggings, they get sweaty. Therefore, it becomes necessary to wash them every day. Thus, below are some ways to increase the lifetime of your authentic leggings and other athletic wear.

Wash if necessary:-

If you have worn the leggings for some hours or whole day without any sweat/workout, then there is no need to wash and can be worn again.

Don’t let them fester:-

Never leave damp leggings or activewear in your storage bag since mildew can start to grow within hours. If you are the person who washes clothes once or twice a week, then it is advisable to let this damp activewear air dry.

Keep them separate:-

If you will keep the sweaty workout clothes along with other clothes, then the odor can leap from one piece of cloth to another. So, always keep these sweaty clothes separate from others.

Dry with care:-

Drying properly is also crucial. Different clothing materials need different drying techniques like some are dried flat to maintain their shape and some are hung in the sun.

Keep away bleach or softeners:-

You know that bleach is very harsh and so is the softener. These products are made up of chemicals which are effective but they tend to weaken the cloth fabric. Therefore, never use such products on activewear leggings.

Keep a label check:-

When you buy any workout legging or activewear, always check the care label. There is the information related to the washing and drying of that particular product. Follow those instructions for longer durability of workout clothing/leggings.

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