A girl in the black fitness apparel

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To maintain the curvy shape of the body, hard work and dedication for a workout are required. Your goal to stay fit and healthy can be achieved easily with these factors.

 A year ago, I also started to follow the path that way towards body perfection. I bought some fitness apparel I got a diet plan from the nutritionist... I bought the membership of the gym as well…

 A healthy diet and 2 hours of Gym session were quite refreshing. I was in love with the daily routine of mine. Watching all kinds of people from obese to lean in the gym was interesting and inspiring; as they were sweating to keep themselves in good shape.

But, the girl in the black fitness apparel (black sports bra and black leggings) was catching the eye of everyone visiting there. She was with curly blonde hairs, grey eyes, and the right attitude. She could be the perfect example of toned abs and an hourglass-shaped figure. 

The day when I first saw her, was the day I promised myself to attain that figure. For that, I had to lose my weight…

Unfortunately, I was having only 3 months as there was my engagement after that. It was looking difficult for me. I decided to befriend her and we started conversing with each other. 

Later on, she became my fitness guide, telling me everything related to the diet and exercise; which is more effective and which one is least effective. She also suggested some workout clothes for women that I always wore to my Gym session. Slowly I started noticing that she had an in-depth knowledge of physical well-being and workout. This was because she was a fitness trainer though.

I was quite surprised by her profession. She was the trainer of many known celebrities. With her assistance, I managed to shred off my excess weight. I would like to thank her for helping me out in getting the perfect body. If she would not have been there, I might not be able to rock on my engagement.


I must say, being a fitness trainer has a lot many benefits. You can keep up with your workout; you can maintain your body, no major health complications, a good diet, and a good salary.

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